Prof. Dr. Azize Karahan

Dear Colleagues,

COVID-19 pandemic forced us to go through difficult times as health professionals. The experiences of this period showed us the importance of health investments for one more time. Many international organizations WHO in particular, declared the necessity of increasing the qualified nurse labor force while they emphasized the necessity of strengthening the special branches of nursing within this concept. We believe that our congress organized biennially will provide a good investment opportunity for training, development and empowerment of our colleagues working in Colorectal Surgery and Stoma and Wound Care Nursing.

XIIth National Ist International Colorectal Surgery Nursing Congress will simultaneously take place with “IInd International Colorectal Surgery Congress and XIXth National Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress” between 16 and20 May 2023, in Susesi hotel and Convention Center Antalya. Courses, conferences, panels and case discussions on colorectal surgery nursing, stoma and wound care nursing will be organized during the scientific program which will be held with the participation of national and international speakers and yours. In addition to those, free paper session will be held in which both national and international participants may share their studies on colorectal surgery and stoma and wound care nursing.

We are having the excitement of adding a new one to our congresses organized with the success of knowledge, experience and a powerful solidarity. We will be very happy and honored to see you in our congress in which we’ll carry Colorectal Surgery Nursing and Stoma and Wound Care Nursing a step forward with your precious. Wishing to meet you in XIIth National Ist International Colorectal Surgery Nursing Congress. Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Azize Karahan
President of XII. Colorectal Surgery Nursing Congress






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